Problem Solving & Decision Making

As an artist, i found that i’m not a algorithm problem solver. I can’t follow any equations or rules or a specific way to do something.That might be a reason why i’m seriously bad at math. Even a simple equation it took me longer than other kids. I started very randomly or begin with thing that inspired me. Even the technique in art that requires you to follow step by step, i rarely do it 100% like the procedure. And if i do, my work doesn’t turn out so good compare to my way.Until i attend Ib Art class which asked you to have an art journal. Which mean i have to plan. I had a hard time with it and usually do the artwork 1st and plan later. Which is not good. Then i learned about brain storming where you put down everything you know and linking them together. It helped me in a lot of way and i gained a better skill of connecting things together. In my opinion, i think a good balance of algorithm and heuristic would be an ideal problem solving skill for me. But i’m still in a progress learning about algorithm. 



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        Talking about language, i’m proud of  my hometown. China has like a crazy system of writing and around 54 different pronunciations for just 1 language.It really requires you to live in its society in order to know all the meaning of all the word and be able to write all the stroke. I can’t write but i can hear and understand Cantonese, Mandarin and Zhao Chou language in China.I don’t know if it is a natural things that i am born with but i only grow up speaking Zhao Chou only. And when i get to 10 grade i did takes one basic Mandarin course and it turns out i can understand 3. It was very awkward when i went to Hong Kong and they only speak Cantonese in that area. They were asking me about something and understand it all but i can’t reply back.And it’s funny how i got 3 of them mixed up sometimes when i speak Chinese. 

        After sometimes i go to international school, i learn a new language which is English. Right now, most of the things i think in my head is English..which used to be Chinese. It does influences me a lot. But i need to find a solution to improve my Chinese because now i’m not a expert of any of the language i know. They really got mixed up

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Memory is still a mystery for me. It’s a crazy system that can encode, store and retrieve a pretty impressive amount of information. Personally, I have a very weak memory to the point that it’s so annoying. It caused me so much trouble and money ( i loose stuff all the time). I heard that there’s some food that can help you improve memory. I remember tried once long time ago and it does not work out. After learning all about the 7 “sins” of memory which included transience, misattribution, blocking, bias, distortion, persistence and absent-mindedness i realized i have..almost of them. I remember Mr.Marshall once said memory can be trained and improve through your awareness so i did pay attention to what i do but always ended up forgetting about that i should pay attention for what i do.Another information that i really interested in memory is that sometimes, things that i don’t even remember it exist pop up in my mind without any intention of mine to do so. I have that happen all the time but never really pay attention to it until i learn this chapter. Unlike computer, we have such an unpredictable system that help us remember thing and also make us forget.


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Operant Conditioning

Operant conditioning is a method of learning that occurs through rewards and punishments for behavior. Through operant conditioning, an association is made between a behavior and a consequence for that behavior.
For instant, my father gave me a credit card at the end of in quarter because you did so well. As a result, I work harder to get better in my quarter 2.This example is a perfect demonstration for operant conditioning because school performance is a voluntary behavior. The credit card is a positive reinforcement because it is given and it increases the behavior.
Reinforcement is any event that strengthens or increases the behavior it follows. There are two kinds of reinforcers.Positive reinforcers are favorable events or outcomes that are presented after the behavior. In situations that reflect positive reinforcement, a response or behavior is strengthened by the addition of something, such as praise or a direct reward.
For example: Receiving praise for our karaoke performances can increase how often we sing
Negative reinforcers involve the removal of an unfavorable events or outcomes after the display of a behavior. In these situations, a response is strengthened by the removal of something considered unpleasant.
For example: Imagine that you decided to open a window in your home. However, you are not happy with the voice from your neighbor talking on phone. Thus, you decide to turn on the radio and listen to music. This makes the neighbor voice less noticeable. The frequency in which you turn on the radio when the window is open has increased.
In both of these cases of reinforcement, the behavior increases.
Punishment is the presentation of an adverse event or outcome that causes a decrease in the behavior it follows. There are two kinds of punishment even it all cause the behavior decreases.Positive punishment, sometimes referred to as punishment by application, involves the presentation of an unfavorable event or outcome in order to weaken the response it follows.
For example: An example of positive punishment is when the negative behavior of an employee decreases as the result of being criticized by a supervisior.
Negative punishment, also known as punishment by removal, occurs when an favorable event or outcome is removed after a behavior occurs.
For example: An example of negative punishment is when the frequency in which an employee is late for work deceases as a result of losing the right to listen to music while he or she works.

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REM Rebound and Sleep Debt

I had  gained more sleep during the break and take more attention about my dream. Especially when I’m at stage 2 and suddenly woke up i knew that i was kind of out of my consciousness and that feeling is really strange. I found myself out of my consciousness a lot of time where i just stare at nothing n zone out. And sometimes, i don’t really hear what people are talking even I’m in the conversation with them. I think i really need to be more aware about that is around me more than ever but still it’s really hard.

I found out that when i started to lay down n sleep, i fall asleep really fast and started to dream already. which i thought i takes sometimes for other to do. All of these dream lately is very weird and active that make me  feel tired when i woke up. So what do you think?


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Sport Day n Experiences

Yes. Sports Day. LONG LIVE SPORTS DAY which drove me so sick with the fever for the whole weekend. Big appreciation. The big game really cool the day off but wet everything else (and make them sick). However, it was not a problem for SENIORRRRRS, THE WINNER OF THE YEARR. ok back to the topic
SKIN!!!! I just experienced something i thought its realllyy painful. Yes it is but not like how imagine. And when i remember the lesson about that “pain gate” and chill, it gets better. IT’S SO COOL how i tried like this. During that experience happened, i tried to chill but sometimes switch to intense mode which show me the differences of the pain I experienced. New tricks!
EARSSSS!! FINALLY REMEMBER THE ORDER OF IT BY DOING THE POSTER!!.and forgot to bring it today  However, EYES is still my favorite part so far 😀

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Sensation and perception

Finally we’ve done with one of the most interesting part of mankind’s structure, the
brain. However, it’s not the only things exist that is significant, the eyes
and ears are important as well in sensation and perception. As I started to
have a general understanding about these things, I found out it’s not only about
Psychology but its very artistic and scientific related.

I have never aware or pay any attention about the complex structure of the eye
and its amazing function. I was really amazed about the working speed of the “message”
being sent back and forth between the brain and others organs. As long as you
started to look at something, not even in a click, you’ve already seen it. But
the progress isn’t that simple. Now I feel blessed to be a human and have this
kind of amazing ability. Since we sense and perceive very naturally and without
being aware of it, it became too normal and we forgot to treasure it.

Ear is another interesting yet very important to us as well. I just realized how
bad I have treated my ear by turning maximum volume every times I listen to
music. The ear structure sounds very fragile to me, especially the ear drum.
The image of the structure is still confusing; I haven’t figured it out how to
remember it yet unless I draw. Hope we will have drawing homework again. I know
others wouldn’t like to draw that much. I have to say eyes is more interesting
to me since the ear give me bad impression with all the wave length and pitch (reminds
me of physic –>And I hate physic)

Hope we will have enough activity to get all of them in my head since I’m such a
visual learner.

One more to go with the vocabulary: D

Busy weekend with this painting 😦

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Brain Disection thought!

The brain dissection was fun even we have to experience the very unique smell of it.I have a pretty ok quality brain that I was able to dissect and observe most of the brain structure excepted the RAF and the amygdala. The cerebellum is my favorite part not just because it’s good looking but its pretty interesting too. The most impressive structure is the membrane outside and its ability to hold everything together. It’s funny how I get addicted of peeling the membrane off. That’s why my brain is the 1st brain that melted in the class. The Pons was bigger than I thought it would be. The structure of the brain that I drew wasn’t that accurate as the brain itself though.It’s harder to find and seperate them. I wonder if the human brain tastes like the pig brain since I ate the pigbrain already. I failed on freaking Mr.M out with the ketchup. Mr. Sharp is the motivator by the way.

 We shall have more experiments or dissections, shall we?

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Thought on our class so far

It’s the first AP class i have ever taken and I have never imagined that I would archive what I’ve archived so far. It’s not that great but its great compare to what I did last year for psychology class. It’s pretty fun when I, and maybe only myself, got to do all those posters for the brain which help me learn MUCH easier. It takes much of my time at home thought but my love for drawing helped me to overcome it. Besides, what I love about the class is that there are only four people in which give us more chance to participate, ask questions as well as creating discussion in class. I really appreciate it when Mr. Marshall gives us more chance to talk about and improve our grade so the class is less pressure and more fun. I hope I can apply all I have studied and will be studied into my major field and daily life later on.

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